• Most of these routes gonna be served by LCC or for the purpose of sustainability for airlines.Many of International routes are not sustainable with twin-aisle aircraft.Most new routes gonna be opened by these aircraft. And ticket prices would be lowered.

  • Many Airlines already use the same seat (without the sliding door) on their A330. SAS and Qantas for example. It shouldn't be much of a problem to do it. Just remove the door.

  • It does feels a bit claustrophobic. I'm just never a fan of a chunky finishing on the seat.

  • To be Fair, LH is one of those airlines (like BA) that could accommodate First Class in many of its routes.Although their new Business Class on B777X would be one of the best one, especially with the throne seat. They really need to come up with amazing firat class seat. The classic 1-2-1 config ...

  • 250 seat in 3 or 4 class on A350-900ULR sounds more realistic to me.To this date, all Ultra Long-haul flights is long and thin routes. No way they could fill 300+ seat on each flights.In terms of range restrictions, all they could do is to do premium heavy configurations and carry less pax. Somet...

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