• Just on point 3, you can include HK in the list too. HK Citibank Rewards points can convert to QFF points. 😀

  • I got my first bronze watch (a Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue Bucherer Edition) earlier this year, and absolutely love watching the patina develop! Great list.

  • Nothing wrong with this. Still some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had were at White Lyan (RIP), a bar that pre-batches everything, and used no citrus or ice!

  • Zac you’ll find all three brands pretty readily available around the world (duty free and retail), just not their more sought-after, rarer releases. Lots of White Oak and Mars whiskies at HKG for example, and you can find some Ichiro’s Malt (usually the blended Malts, which contain ...

  • Whoa, errm yes, thanks. Bit of cross-posting from the original posts it seems...paging David to aisle 4...

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