• Maybe Alan could take a pay cut to help with Qantas' reinvestment. I wouldn't mind doubling my income in a year! (From a miserable roughly $12m to $24m!)

  • As a VA Platinum I have access to the AUH F Lounge. It was a great experience no matter what class you were flying and provided a reprieve from an average Y experience (oh the cramped seats) and a very good, but surprisingly not that outstanding, J product (or am I just getting jaded with flying ...

  • There are a number of Adelaide Airport motels and hotels within a 15 minute ride, just not on campus, somewhat like Sydney really (but not Melbourne). And as the writer above notes, the new build at the terminal entrance is to be a hotel. I’ve never quite understood the somewhat ignorant b...

  • Although the comment about “cone of silence” was probably tongue in cheek, aircraft manufacturers and airlines should work a little harder on deadening sound and cutting off light within the cabin. I have been annoyed more than once in J by prissies who absolutely insist they must s...

  • The Adelaide runway certainly can handle a fully laden A380, we have had them on test and diverted flights. The international gates are marked up for A380s, but do indeed only have single airbridges. Airlines with the right attitude and with direct flights to the right destinations have been rewa...

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  • Zurich Hotels

    Jun 12, 2019, 06:57 PM

    Try the Krone Unterstrass Hotel at Kronenstrasse, very nice if exe... they are used to Aussies staying. Can also recommend the Hotel Allegra at Kloten - cheaper, free airport shuttle, excellent train service to most of Switzerland (via Zürich HBf).

  • They probably need to be more strategic with fewer alliances that work better for both the airline and frequent flyers alike. Concentrate on SQ, DL and HN whilst continuing alliances where helpful for intermediate destinations such as HA. For NZ (the country) fly direct from some of the smaller p...

  • Community Virgin Australia

    Feb 15, 2018, 06:00 PM

    Is Community Virgin Australia a legit operation of VA?

  • Community Virgin Australia

    Feb 15, 2018, 05:58 PM

    I received an email today from Community Virgin Australia.... is it legit?Community Virgin Australia

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