• Sounds like they have listened and acted (finally). Now looking forward to an international holiday by myself, because the cost of bringing in my wife and 2 kids are prohibitive ;-)I'm ready to try that "Virgin Australia Flamingo" - but will it be good enough for David to change his drink of choi...

  • I can't wait to go supersonic again. It's been too long (13 Aug 2002). Bring on Hydrogen as the fuel.

  • How important is priority boarding?

    Jun 28, 2019, 03:13 PM

    I'm similar to Becky above and Brandon - if I'm in Economy, then I want to get onboard earlier (being Gold, the Priority Boarding lane is a God-send). I use that quicker access and extra time to ensure that I can stow my larger carry-on in the overhead bin. More often than not, my outbound flight...

  • I'll pass on BNE/ORD thanks very much. Wouldn't want to be flying there in the US-winter as I'd be on first name terms with the alternate airport staff (presumably MKE, IND, STL or CVG).

  • Oh yes, the least they ever tell us is the most we'll ever know. Everything in CL is "unpublished" so impossible to verify but we all know who is more likely to be at the head of the pecking order.