• FinallyNot gonna lie, the big 3 Chinese airlines aren't exactly first choice for flying but at least this opens up a lot of direct routes business class seats into mainland China with QFF points

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  • Visiting Bali for the first time

    Jan 09, 2019, 06:34 PM

    I just came back from Bali 2 weeks agoMy opinion is that Nusa Dua has the cleanest beaches because it's quite an exclusive area and there's people hired to pick up rubbish every dayThings to do include going to Ubud rice terrace, lots of good beach clubs, Omnia pool Club, La Favella bar night clu...

  • Originally Posted by wlee : [QUOTE=10648;33933] Originally Posted by obanpointer : Upperdeck. I have sent you a message with a solution to your ATO woes! Didn't want to post or the CC companies will close the loophole! Hi Obanpointer,could you please forward me the message.Thank you in advance...

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