• enough toilets for the amount of people using it would be a start... conformable seating, not subcontracting to a massive hotel chain, and no gin bar. Anyone been to London recently?...

  • Qantas lounge options at Bangkok

    Sep 26, 2018, 07:20 PM

    So can a Qantas P1 use the Cathay or JAL lounge when they are flying on QF8418 (ticketed as both QF and EK418 on boarding pass)? Just got told nope... is that right? really wanted to try the noodles!

  • good to know.... we were in T3 a few days ago and found the new qantas lounge to be pretty poor - super busy, not enough seating, only a few toilets, broken self serve hot water, and grumpy staff with sofitel name badges... back in a month and will go to cathay instead i think! ... gin bar looked...

  • We flew Aircalin a month or two ago and were shocked at how good the coffee was in business! All these years of horrible qantas coffee... i cant work out why they all cant do a decent brew!

  • Qantas, AA: new checked baggage rules

    Aug 24, 2016, 02:38 PM

    So gone are also the days of making connecting bookings with Oneworld carriers using a combination of frequent flyer points with qantas for the long haul and then paying for side flights...  we are stuck with this issue next week connecting through Singapore from Malaysian to Qantas.  L...

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