• Finally when everyone is becoming smaller, you getting bigger and better. Well done ANA. SQ seriously need improvements on their biz class which is getting smaller and first which has less seats as well. What happen to Old SQ the widest in the world for business?

  • It’s quiet upsetting that lifetime plat premier is only going to be until this year. I will have more than 750 but short of 10 years plat

  • this is prostituting. How much would it cost for platinum then? What's the point of flying and giving your loyalty when everyone can enjoy benefits by paying for the status? Where is the exclusivity when everyone can go in to the lounge at any time? How crowded would the lounge be? 

  • New SIA amenity packs

    Jun 22, 2018, 08:00 PM

    I didn’t even get the glass fish

  • u get Emirates Gold, Fast Track on Arrival with an Escort at major airport, good fare deal. Online Etihad $16k Centurion concierge Centurion fare save me 6k per person. free qantas club for your nominee Centurion.