• I think they need to understand the transmission mechanisms that caused so many problems on the Diamond Princess and Ruby Princess. Even with passengers isolated to their cabins, the virus continued to spread quite extensively. The problems may be more "behind the scenes" than guest-centric yet m...

  • Nice if you're up front, but how does the 777 compare to the Dreamliner in Economy? I've found the Dreamliner surprisingly pleasant.

  • Thanks David - the actual logistics of it still intrigue me. :)One double and two singles works perfectly for a family!

  • I'm intrigued as to how they manage the logistics of dine-on-demand from an extensive menu.Do the pairs in the quad setup allow for the double-bed? (Dreaming about family trip to Europe :) )

  • I think 20 hours in regular economy would lead to significant physical and mental health issues. As noted once you get past a certain length of flight the extra hours become much more significant - there's a threshold were the impact is a big jump, not just an increment.I don't think dine-on-dema...

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