• Nice if you're up front, but how does the 777 compare to the Dreamliner in Economy? I've found the Dreamliner surprisingly pleasant.

  • Thanks David - the actual logistics of it still intrigue me. :)One double and two singles works perfectly for a family!

  • I'm intrigued as to how they manage the logistics of dine-on-demand from an extensive menu.Do the pairs in the quad setup allow for the double-bed? (Dreaming about family trip to Europe :) )

  • I think 20 hours in regular economy would lead to significant physical and mental health issues. As noted once you get past a certain length of flight the extra hours become much more significant - there's a threshold were the impact is a big jump, not just an increment.I don't think dine-on-dema...

  • So what's the actual value of the converted FF points compared to using the ANZ Reward points for cash equivalents?

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