• How many airlines have joined one of the big 3 alliances in the last 3 years.I’ll save you time, zero.Bespoke deals is what’s it about now.The alliances have reached their peak usefulness. Current situation is: no use joining, but no use leaving (yet) either.

  • The SYD lounge situation I have no issues with, it'll be either SQ or EY. If VA really want to make HKG work, it's the access to the HX lounge when connecting on to HX flights that would be the real fillip, rather than the current only access for the VA flights back to Aus (as I understand it)

  • Not really, if you asked any economy passenger who’s flown a 787 they’d probably rather something else, so Sydney is quarantined in Qantas’ current plans from the sardine experience.787s really should have a different nickname depending on the cabin.Business - DreamlinerEcono...

  • This is seriously like one watching one of your friends throwing a massive celebration because they’re upgrading from a Motorola V3 to an iPhone six years after everyone already got a smart phone.

  • I used SFO as an example as CX actively cap the number of other airline members in SFO, I think it's something like 10 pax, they will turn oneworld members away.Check the comments in this for info https://www.executivetraveller.com/best-airport-lounges-for-qantas-passengers-in-san-franciscoA...

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