• No need to collect luggage. You get questioned as to their contents but as long as no red flags are raised then they are not examined by customs. I have used us immigration in Shannon numerous times having checked in luggage prior to the immigration and iv never seen anyone have to get their lugg...

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    Mar 22, 2018, 11:52 AM

    Chris, like what’s sometimes allowed in say the Emirates first lounge in Dubai and even the qantas first in Sydney , did you ask at breakfast time if any of the all day dining items could be ordered?

  • Any information on the lounge opening hours?

  • If it’s not broke why fix it

  • I agree that this must be cost cutting. As a WP with both QF and VA , I find that VA already sufficiently differentiates itself from QF in that the quality of the food offerings in VA J both domestic and international is far superior at present. I notice that others on this forum and other forums...

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