• Well that's a bit annoying. I'd have taken the SCs if they had counted to lifetime status at the time I signed up. I already have too many points I can't find a use for, and had already requalified for platinum (independent of statuskeeper) even before the current lock down!

  • Clearly spelled out in T&C's that it doesn't.

  • The flight voucher has an expiry, the points are effectively indefinite. Points win for me.

  • Any idea what happens if a booking is made and cancelled? I've retained Platinum outright, but two other Gold family members were relying on NZ return flights to extend their status next year. These flights were cancelled at the start of the current lock down. Do they need to make a new booking?

  • I was driving day trips in the midst of the COVID grounding, and it was doable, but exhausting being on the road for 6h on top of a 9-10h work day, and having to back up for similar work days either side in Sydney and up the Central Coast. Yep the flights don't save much, but after 16h on the roa...

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  • Transit Time at Helsinki - 55min??

    Jan 18, 2020, 02:42 PM

    Same as above, done it several times, including one transfer for a plane leaving in 15mins, due to a late inbound plane from GVA and needing to go through passport control. I was travelling in J, but several Y passengers on the same flight managed to make it onboard no problems.Finnair have short...

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