• Will this apply to London to Melbourne flights also without having to reach Melbourne via Perth or Sydney?Having Melbourne as first destination now necessary when shipping a dog as a 10 day quarantine is mandatory (even after lengthy anti rabies preparation in UK) in Mickleham 18klms North of Tul...

  • Qantas upgrades A380 business class

    Aug 25, 2017, 08:57 PM

    How wide will the Business Class 'lay down' seats be?

  • Great review, I am looking forward to using this service as soon as I can.Will Virgin Australia carry pets (Dog in my case) on this Hong Kong to Melbourne flight especially important now as Melbourne is now the only entry port for animals going into Quarantine?I would be grateful if anyone can ad...

  • What is the LHR-PER-MEL timetable.Will there be an alternative flight LHR-Dubai-MEL

  • The Boeing 787-9 Non stop 17+ hour service from LHR to Perthmay be a step forward but cancelling the A380 London-Dubai-Melbourne service is a step back. What about those of us who now have to ship their Pets to Melbourne for Quarantine now that the Sydney Quarantine Centre is closed.

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