• Very sensible. Agreed, also would like to be able to stretch out, have friendly service and be well catered for laying down if there is a significant delay as there has been on a number of our QF flights to and from London and Melbourne

  • There will be enough payers who don't shop on price to go the ULH route, the numbers are small enough. But having done both flights LHR-MEL via PER and SIN in Bus and Economy I would choose SIN from a comfort and price level. Qantas already struggle on price to retain us 3 times a year and only o...

  • We have done both on a regular basis and the noise is lower on the A380, there is more space and we get off fresher.

  • The ability to lay down or push out on a recliner would be so appreciated - delays are common for QF1 or QF2. The yoga room in PER is good however a couple of small rooms for either familys or for a yoga stretch would be good.

  • yes a sleep zone would be so good as a person delayed 4 and 6 hours respectively on two trips in this lounge having everyone sprawled over banquettes or stuck upright is terrible. Recliners, cabanas, sunloungers or something similar.

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