• For someone who enjoys the actual flying experience, it's Adient for me ... you can actually see out of the window, not staring at the carpet in the aisle from your little cocoon !

  • Ahh ... the memories !!Gone are the days when you would rush to the back of the plane and sit right in the middle of the last row of seats to secure your sleeping quarters for the night !!Or, if you were in the bubble, lie down in the exit row to have a sleep, as I did once on Swissair !!

  • Vale 747 ...... truly a bird of the sky

  • Lounges structured to address covid-19 requirements, people potentially turned away because of this plague but you can bet your sweet bippy, they'll all be crammed on that plane to somewhere !!!<sigh>

  • Agree with all. Let's put a nail in these coffins before it gains traction. As a single flyer who prefers a window ... being placed in the middle, or in a seat with your back to the window has nightmare written all over it. Flew Cathay once, never again. You know, even the aging QF biz seats have...

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