• Should hotels set wi-fi free?

    Mar 06, 2013, 08:04 PM

    All Radisson hotels offer free wifi also. Only 4 of them here in OZ (Melbourne, Gold Coast and 2 in Sydney) but great selection of well located hotels in US and Europe.

  • I did this late 2011 and got platinum. Lost it and got downgraded to Silver but now I have platinum again :)

  • Review:

    Nov 23, 2011, 11:57 AM

    I've stayed at Quest Docklands quite a few times and have to disagree with some parts of the article. The room is only spacious in case you get a one bedroom apartment. If you get a studio which is the case when you have a corporate discounted price it is claustrophobic. Hardly any spac to walk ...

  • Well I did take my flight and Qantas did credit the points on my account but despite the fact I am a Gold FF member the points were just the usual and haven't seen the additional 50%.

  • I'll fly MEL-SYD tomorrow on QF so by Friday I'll see how it works. Hopefully they add the bonus after the minimum points and not before.

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  • I got a reply from Velocity. I will be allowed to keep my membership and status but I have to have an Australian address with them on file. They will only send new cards, etc. there. Not too flexible in my view. Anyway being based in Dallas I will switch my flying to AA and OneWorld.

  • Velocity Membership after moving overseasI came accross a quite interesting situation recently with Velocity. I moved to the United States due to my work and wanted to change my address with Velocity to my new US address, see below the answer from Velocity."Currently, Velocity Membership is only ...

  • Thanks 444desiro.Your answer is clerly what I was afraid of. This is a flight for my fiance so I will tell her not to expect catering. Pretty bad for business class... I expect Virgin to improve this soon, there are many travellers out there with special dietary requirements and they should cater...

  • Special dietary requirements on Virgin in domestic business class?Does any one kow if Virgin is catering for special dietary requirements (i.e. gluten free) for passangers in domestic business class? The booking system doesn't allow anything like this and the call centre only told me they will ma...

  • Virgin Australia system upgrade over the weekendDoes anyone know what the system upgrade over the weekend at Virgin Australia was about? Will fe finally see some positive changes with the system after the Sabre change (e.g. seat selection online for existing bookings)?

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