• This looks amazing, God I hope they bring it out to Australia

  • For a start - not calling that rubbish product on the QF 737 'business class'. So annoyed that on my last trip to NZ, I didn't check it out properly and paid the same J class fare each way, with one in a decent A330 and the other on a crummy domestic grade 737

  • Nope, nothing at all to stop you doing that - I've done it myself several times and gained 200,000+ points over the past year or so.Only downfall is it will add a bunch of credit inquiries to your credit file - so if you're looking to buy a house etc. might not be ideal for you

  • Just called Velocity to be told "we don't offer that right now". Seems like it is a randomly occurring promotion only. 

  • QF SYD domestic valet parking

    May 15, 2018, 01:18 PM

    I've decided to simplify my life for one day trips out of SYD T3 and use the Qantas Valet parking service. Mentioned that to a colleague who was aghast, told me he'd had a terrible experience several years ago as he got his car back after a 2 day trip with both wheels on one side of his car scrat...