• Stupid and almost unattainable level of SC for lifetime platinum. Even 50,000 would be a huge ask....a stunt from Qantas right there and really just produces bad blood for most travellers. The rest, well eh - not much to see really. We knew they were going to slug us one way or another - more ...

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    Dec 22, 2017, 01:41 PM

    So coming off business QF95 Mel-LAX then onto a AA business flight to Las Vegas a few hours later. Do I qualify to use this lounge? QF Gold status.

  • Why would you even bother?

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  • Originally Posted by ryanpst From recent experience of being turned away (QF gold on AA ticket operated by Alaskan) - no you don’t get any lounge access. Also you should arrive to Seattle very early as your QF card won’t put you at the front of the screening queue. Took me an hour an...

  • Hi Everyone I am a Platinum QFF and have an AA issued ticket from Vancouver Island, BC to Nashville, TN. I have been advised that several of the legs are to be flown on Alaskan Airlines ( Victoria - Seatle, Seatle - Chicago).My question is does my Platinum QFF and reciprocal American Airlines s...

  • Using QANTAS points on CX?

    Sep 08, 2017, 04:27 PM

    Yep did it earlier in the year heading to the USA.

  • If the flight has an AA flight number you'll be fine.Does there have to be a code share arrangement though for that particular flight?

  • Hi EveryoneI want to book a ticket on American Airlines from Las Vegas, NV to Raleigh, NC in the USA and want to know if i earn Qantas points and status credits for the flight.I have tried book through the Qantas website but couldn't do it.  Does this mean my QFF status etc means nothing and...

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