• I fly out on the 4th May and was very relieved they had changed to the new Max 8 in January instead of the old 737-800 with only 39" pitch for Business Class. So with such a new aircraft of the route I don't see Silk Air changing to lie flats any time soon. Or for SQ to take over the route.

  • At present SQ does not fly out of Darwin or Cairns. From those cities it is SQ's other airline Silk Air. Silk Air uses the new 737- Max 8 and their Business Class seats are just recliner seats not flat bed.

  • Great to hear as I am flying to Singapore from Darwin on the 4th May and returning on the 1st July. The previous information I got from Silk Air a few weeks ago was the same vague answer ABT got.

  • SQ brings Book the Cook to Adelaide

    Nov 17, 2017, 03:52 PM

    I'm hoping they will introduce Book the Cook from Manchester by the time I fly in late June next year.

  • Originally Posted by aniljak : Now Qantas  has returned to flying  via Singapore  to London, hopefully  we will see the return of the Singapore hub with flights hubbing there from all over Australia and some continuing on to Asia  and Europe.Personally  i would like...

  • Originally Posted by ChrisCh : I like it because it means you'll never miss out on your preferred meal choice (and can order things not on the normal menu), but I'm usually more inclined to choose my meal in the week or so of the flight... for an early booking, there's no way I'm going to know a...