• Totally agree with reeves35. I was there last Friday during the delay due to Sydney's shutdown. The chairs very uncomfortable and cheap, limited proper lounge seating. We thought it resembled a Coles' cafeteria. Atmosphere zilch.

  • Having shower on Emirates A380, even on a shorter 7 hour flight leaves you feeling like heaven. If it's good for Emirates it should also be good for Qantas. The bar area good for a stretch and to socialize. But I hate the dine-on-demand, simply because the clatter of the cutlery and plate wak...

  • Are some transit times too short?

    Jan 23, 2019, 05:19 PM

    I do not think less than 2 hours is enough even for economy travellers without access to a lounge. We all need to stretch our legs, chill out and not stress about getting to our next flight

  • I had the unfortunate experience last year flying from Gold Coast to Syd. on a Qantas flight when the JetStar flight was cancelled, meaning JetStar passengers ended up on our flight. The person who was to sit behind me swung around bashing me in the face with his large backpack. PEOPLE DON'T FORG...

  • can you also upgrade on a current MH flight using QFF points?

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