• Embarrassing namecalling? More a factual statement and blunt all encompassing summary of the airline. As far as the readers on here - I make no comment or judgement as to their background. I would suggest many in the category you suggest are satisfied with the economical yet blunt use of words pr...

  • And the purpose of your response is?

  • And like that, my sentiment towards the Hrdlicka VA offering softens!Finally a competitor  with the Junkstar direct from Mel to TSV.  (By the way Qantas actually undercuts Junkstar on many of these flights close to the weekend by the time a max bundle is added).Despite the times and day...

  • This article should be removed as it is factually incorrect. No evidence in any of the flights in the last few weeks and no evidence of an attempt to increase service, indeed the ET article advertises significantly more services than Qantas own website. No drinks on an afternoon flight still... w...

  • What it means I would suggest is both lounges are closed to Priority Pass holders - as yesterday the lounge was definitely open but turning away Priority Pass.

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  • Health screening/questions

    Mar 18, 2021, 03:15 PM

    Like most things in Victoria, particularly associated with the Vic govt spin, the border permit is 95% spin, 5% action. Fly in weekly have never been checked. Another useless idea designed to increase the brainwashing and obedience of the communist state.

  • Kids should be in economy period. Also good for their personal development so they don't grow up feeling too entitled and superior.

  • No more Qantas Audio

    Jul 27, 2018, 09:44 PM

    So Qantas have now cut radio and music from their entertainment offering on seqtback and apparently wifi at least on domestic. A move to appease those incapable of independent thought. Yet more cost cutting. Pretty ordinary.

  • Originally Posted by Grannular I enjoy Ausbt because it is normally an escape from trash posts like this one. This suggestion I am sure would go down better on other sites. I can imagine other websites on how to rort the system where this would be better placed. How about keeping it to fact rath...

  • Originally Posted by sanj747 Looks very clear that you are not a fan of Qantas. Amazed that one can even think of doing what you do. Absolutely no qualms about the odd benefit from such a corporate bully. They have sucked enough out of me over the years and I still retain platinum status.

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