• I certainly hope they ditch the herringbone layout, one feels as though they are in a bulk billing gynecologist clinic when walking down the aisle

  • Based on reviews I elected to give Air New Zealand MEL-SFO a shot, service was great, but those seats, never again, uncomfortable , lack of leg room in sitting position and the layout

  • With the emergence of ultra long non stop flights such as Sydney to London how is it economical to carry a full load of fuel the total distance rather than having a fuel stop 1/2 way ( eg Bangkok ) .I confess my ignorance regarding exact fuel burn rates,but working on 7 tons/ hour and as weight i...

  • Totally agree with chap595, I do 6 flights to LHR per year and have tried numerous airlines. Have settled on Thai as Bankok as it pretty well breaks the journey in halfSorry Mr Joyce, but 20 hours in a tube is too long 10 years ago I did the SQ flight from L.A to Singapore, that flight cured me ...

  • Karma has struck Mr John Leahy for ridiculing Boeing in the fashion he did,

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