• Al Safwa is also available for platinum (privilege club) whilst flying business. Raises the questions of how tight their new joint venture will be with regards to lounges. You wonder if Al Safwa/ Concorde room agreements?

  • With Sydney not agreed too I think BA will still fly their metal... keeps their mantra of flying to every continent too. However the effect of covid-19 may change things! I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

  • Karl, the JQ 787's are limited in their use... They were ordered without crew rest, so the 10/11 hours from PER-JHB would probably be pushing the legal agreements in play. Maybe using them as Mel/Syd to perth and free up a330? I am looking forward to seeing how all this pans out!

  • Lifetime platinum.. it's simple... Melb-Syd-Melb in economy every working day (240 -public holidays) for 16.25 years.... Looking at prices of about $325 return... a cool $1267500. I wonder if this is the equivalent amount of flying as BA gold for life?

  • I was on QF74 middle of April 2018... I asked about the CX lounge as a QF gold and was told no. I ventured up there anyway to try my luck... What seemed a quiet lounge was rebuffed even under OW rules...The AF/KLM is pitiful, makes a Qantas club look like a first class lounge. No internet acces i...

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  • Originally Posted by OttoV My wife and I will be flying to LHR in April with QF on a B 787 in J and it has been a while so any recent travellers may be able to assist. Anticipated arrival in the UK is early morning at 5.30 am and we are scheduled to fly to Barcelona with BA in J. shortly before ...

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