• Like others who have already retained (Qantas) status, my suggestion is why not just deduct the credits needed to retain the status and carry forward the balance of credits into the next year. While not automatically retaining status, it would kickstart status retention for the next year.

  • For those of us who have already retained our status, it would be nice for QFF just to deduct the SC's needed to retain that level and carry forward the balance into the next year. This sounds fair to me.

  • I have done a couple of BMW Drive Days at the Island and can highly reccommend it for anyone who thinks they can drive a high performance car. It is supervised and safety first and showed me my skills limitations while also teaching me some basic driving skills. Hightlight is being driven around ...

  • dnoble, an RTW booking is via OneWorld airlines of which Emirates is not a member, that is why they don't show up. Cheers

  • Agree 100% with Andyyc. For me nothing has changed. I am Platinum and LTG, have 30K SC's and over 2 million points, don't use classic rewards seats, always travel as far forward as I can, am now retired and over 65. No chance of LTP so for me its a myth.... Thanks Mr Joyce and team, for nothing.

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  • Have flown F on Emirates metal a number of times but always under a QF code share flight number. While very good I still prefer QF metal and staff. I have found that the Emirates crew seem to "disappear" on the longer legs while the QF crew continue to circulate. One thing I must confess is great...

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