• Again, what's the difference between where old VA positioned itself (value, mid market, new world etc) and this version? It just seems the same regurgitated press release with no detail. Seems like it's effectively the same airline, minus international and ATRs and a tonne of debt.

  • Wwasn't VA already a hybrid airline? They ditch the ATRs and international widebodies for now, sure. But other than that, what's the difference?

  • As long as Qantas extinguishes my status points for the year on a single anniversary rather than 12 months after earning them, I'll stick with VA. Throw in the supremely awful QF Melbourne domestic terminal and VA's superior Ths Business, and I'm pretty happy with VA.

  • Based on, what, 20 flights? Seriously, new routes take time. If you're expecting instant 80% plus loads then you're dreamin. But any ol reason to bash Virgin I guess.

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