• Review: Bose Sleepbuds

    Nov 14, 2018, 04:16 PM

    Agreed. I will be waiting until they're capable of playing your own audio.

  • I just flew return to Europe on the A380 all legs and I would choose it any day over this new 777. So much more room in the seat and the bar and lounge at the back is a godsend.

  • I am travelling to NZ at the end of October for a golfing trip. This will be my first time flying with my clubs.What are the best bags to fly with?

  • I always wear shorts (gym shorts/footy shorts) and a tshirt. I normally change into these in the lounge prior to boarding. Most of my flights are QF and never an issue, also did the same on a recent return trip to Europe flying EK and again no problems.