• Outthere1000, you have just contradicted yourself! You said you can't get home but you actually can! It's your choice not to travel via America. I understand this but you can actually get home.

  • Regular flyer, you should stop commenting because you're making yourself look really silly. Also there were deaths today already. You are part of the problem and that's why we are in the situation we are!

  • TZB88, there are occasions when passenger numbers near 100 but quite often are only around 30, not sure where you are getting your numbers from. As for govt assistance, the US govt has only given them the money with the proviso that they keep flying. Check your facts.

  • @7e7 , first SQ has just recently added a passenger flight, before that cargo only. UA has never stopped flying there daily SFO passenger flight. It's averaging about 50 pax a day. It's not profitable and is underwritten by the US govt. same thing that is going to happen when DL start flying shor...

  • Not true, don't believe everything you see on television.

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