• Baba,For the millionth time. You can't make money while Aussies can't leave and arrivals are capped at around 30-40 per flight. There may be thousands trapped overseas but Qantas can't bring them back unless the government says they can. All your middle eastern carriers are being subsidised. At l...

  • TheFreqFlyer, that's laughable! Qantas has never refused to fly repatriation flights. SWISS and Iberian flew flights for there citizens and some other Europeans. Emirates is still flying daily but flights are capped. You can't make money on capped flights. I guess you expect QF to operate flights...

  • Peterking, please, Aussies have already proven they can't be trusted to self isolate. You expect them to now monitor there movement by wearing a smart watch or bracelet. They will protest it invades there privacy to be monitored. it will never happen.

  • regular flyer, you really have no idea! not one healthy person has died from corona. Where did you hear that rubbish from, the tiny friend you have inside your head. Many perfectly healthy people have died from Corona.

  • patrickk, sorry you are correct, they will be selling seats both ways. Don't think there will be many leaving Australia though as you need government permission to leave.

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