• First thing I thought of (since they are into transparancy) is that you could arrange all your little ziplock bags with white powder neatly on top...!As regards price, yes, Rimowa is expensive. Couple years ago I bought a small case - just larger than cabin-size - for CHF 700. Translated into A...

  • US airport checks get more intimate?

    May 09, 2018, 03:37 PM

    "Australia's major airports will be expected to pay for the multi-million dollar upgrade themselves."So what's the bet this cost will be tacked onto the price of an international air ticket? Or is that a no-brainer?

  • And.... they lock the champagne away! Last time I was there, I had to chase someone into the kitchen to get hold of it. Agree with the review and many of the comments. Have never seen the lounge look as peaceful and inviting as in these pics - it's normally like a barnyard when I travel. But ...

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