• Apr 05, 2020, 08:35 AM

    So much speculation on VA's future...which I'm now going to add to...I really do hope VA survive this. They are a great airline and I really enjoy flying with them. If travel restrictions domestically lift by the end of June, they have a fighting chance of getting through this. I don't think it's...

  • *puts on armchair CEO hat*Even though I hate the 787, I believe the 787-9 is probably the best aircraft to replace the 777-300s. VA should really get the 737-(MAX) 10 and put lie-flat beds on these aircraft. They will be much cheaper to run compared to a widebody and you won't chase corporate fly...

  • Wow. Just...wow. I was not expecting 75k for LTP! I knew they wouldn't set it at 28k if they were to introduce it and was expecting somewhere between 40-50k. But 75k? That's just outrageous. They've really given me the incentive to change to BAEC once I hit LTG.

  • The updated Star Alliance lounge looks great! Can't wait to experience it later this year.

  • Well, I didn't see that one coming... I'm also a bit surprised that Malaysian started something (changing First Class to Business Suites) that another major airline has followed! That's a first!!

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  • Simple answer: join a global alliance, most likely SkyTeam (but that would depend on SQ, EY and HNA's support for that), as StarAlliance will not welcome them (thanks to UA and now NZ) and OneWorld is out of the question.

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