• Rubbish program for a rubbish hotel chain. Half of their properties don't even participate in the loyalty scheme - WTF???

  • I ditched them years ago - I was a Sofitel Platinum or whatever, then top tier in the disastrous A-Club scheme that was so inconsistently applied that I gave up in disgust. You shouldn't have to fight to get basic benefits granted at every property. Hilton and Hyatt all the way, thanks.

  • "Platinum QFF. Only bought a ticket yesterday to Singapore, do you have any chance of them honouring a double status offer?"Absolutely none.

  • Absolutely none.

  • Escaping those status handcuffs

    Jul 13, 2018, 05:50 PM

    But what if wearing handcuffs floats your boat?Asking for a friend...QF Plat for around 10 years before switching to VA when most of my flying was domestic, had LTG so no major loss as the real benefit of WP is the F lounge access.Now I'm back to a lot of international travel, so maintaining VA P...

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