• Does any one know if the flights for this have to booked directly through VA or can it be booked through an agent?

  • Does anyone know if you are a current Gold Member, which I am achieved only by not meeting my Platinum nights last membership year - am I elegibleif I have not taken part of promotion in the past. Or is it purely for those who have not achieved the status before?

  • Alitalia and Velocity

    Apr 02, 2019, 04:30 PM

    I am booking a flight from Milan to London, and would prefer to fly into London City Airport. Does anybody think Velocity Platinum Benefits would apply to a Alitalia flight operated by Alitalia City?

  • I'll be moving to Canada in August and I will be based in Calgary. My new role will require me to take 3-5 flights within Canada, and the occasional flight in continental USA. I'm covered with Delta in the US, and I know there is plans of Air Canada and VA strengthening their loyalty arrangements...