• This is a nonsense discussion. It s all irrelevant if the boarding staff don't enforce the limits. Ive NEVER been checked at the gate (Gold FF with both airlines) and have lost count of the times Ive seen people carry 2 bags, a seperate shopping bag from Aldi with snacks, plus a backpack, a water...

  • 30 million points? She’s got her company card linked to her account or she’s a Labor politician spending like a sailor on shore leave.

  • Zaps how correct you are. Why do staff get upgrades before punters? Ps tried to upgrade on Jetstar with cash twice now for flights to DPS at the airport and no joy. They would rather fly with empty seats!

  • good article

  • The 20-hour flight is coming

    Aug 31, 2018, 11:09 PM

    lots of people complaining about the long travel time. Many of us have limited time on holidays. Stopovers cut into that time. I for one would opt for the most direct and shortest total transit time. I usually travel J, long haul. Its pretty easy. Get some exercise before you fly. Don't go to the...

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