• I had a bad experience with the StarHub Happy Roam when in Canada. My main credit kept disappearing as my phone would not stay connected to Rogers (Telus and Bell are not partners). StarHub was not very responsive when I suggested a warning or a block on the non-partner networks would be required...

  • Qantas, Virgin ban Knee Defender

    Aug 29, 2014, 08:38 PM

    The only solution is a "Passenger Bill of Rights" to stop airlines from putting Economy Class seats any closer than a 34" pitch. So what if everyone has to pay a bit more. We used to spend a year's salry to fly to London and Back and now we object at 1 week's salary.... Airlines like Jetstar are ...

  • I must say that I am 190cm tall and I liked the CX hard shell seat. The non-invasion of personal space is a great thing, and I can work on my notebook with the in-seat power right there. The trick is to put the pillow behind your back for lumbar support. Always choose Cathay on flights to Hong ...

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  • Qantas or Virgin Travel Cash Cards

    Feb 22, 2019, 03:42 PM

    Qantas recently had a short-running promotion at a special exchange rate - around 1.5% below the mid-rate. I used that to lock in the exchange rate for a trip in April. Generally though I would agree that the Travel Cards are a poor deal.

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