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  • Changes to Virgin fleet

    Mar 26, 2019, 01:07 PM

    Just to clarify a couple of thingsYesterday's VA569/570 swap from A332 to 738 was due to operational issues, the A332 had already operated VA551/556 of which departed late from SYD resulting in upline delays. If the A332 was left on 569/570 there was a high likelihood that the flight would have b...

  • Left item on VA domestic flight

    Feb 16, 2019, 03:31 PM

    Sometimes with lost property found on planes they are not always handed in straight away. Generally the procedure is if something is found we would get a spare sick bag and write on it seat number, flight number, aircraft registration and date. If it had been found late at night it is possible th...

  • Qantas is only due to receive 3 787-9's this year with all 3 to be delivered in Q4 this year most likely over a 6 week period in November/December. Line numbers for these aircraft will be LN921, LN929 and LN941

  • Originally Posted by Rod H smoothsilver VA's web site shows 1 flight per week for Jan & Feb but then a daily service VA 474 8.50PM from March onwards. Still a very poor number of flights and as stopsy has said the B737 is sub par. If only VA would " extractus digitatus " and refit a few B737...

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