• Hi Chris - thanks for the update. Do you know of any changes in redemption rates from Citi points to Velocity? Presumably they will change in line with KF? 

  • Virgin plans new status credit rates

    Sep 07, 2016, 03:26 PM

    So the new earn rates don't kick in until Jan, but the new fares are live now. Does this mean that flights booked and taken between now and then are on 'new' fare types but 'old' earn rates? Ie: short 'getaway' flights will still earn 10 credits until Jan? Does anyone know the score there?

  • Hi - thanks for the article. I too am curious about Citi (though the cheaper signature Visa). My take on it is that even post the recent changes, it still has an effective earn rate of 0.75 SQ/VA points per $1. For a visa earn rate with multiple airline partners it still seems the best option. Un...

  • Absolutely loved this lounge. Superior to the new OW LAX lounge in every aspect (except perhaps for food). The outdoor terrace is the highlight, I can only assume that lots of people didn't know about it when I was there as the terrace was empty yet the lounge was busy (the terrace is somewh...

  • Virgin upgrades premium economy

    Sep 26, 2014, 01:08 PM

    I suspect the reason the PE bar "doesn't really work" is because of VA having to operate under Australian RSA laws, requiring the bar to be constantly manned while it is being used potentially tying up a flight attendant for hours at a time. I'm sure the numbers stack up in the Business Class bar...

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