• I empathise with those who have lost relatives (you did not lose them because you were overseas though).  I totally reject the assertions made by some of you regarding Government advice back in Feb/March. I had friends in South America at the time. Rather than taking a 'she'll be right' atti...

  • Well at least you are being politically objective. But seriously, Australia pleaded with people overseas to come home back in February and March. If they didn't heed the call it is on them. 

  • It only takes two planes to service daily flights non-stop to either LHR or JFK, or anywhere.If they order these 12 planes, QF will probably buy another 15 approx to replace the A380's. These are much smaller than A380's so more will be needed. A fleet of 30 is not out of the question by 2032.IF ...

  • I've flown 12 hour flights in economy on a Dreamliner. I survived. Composite worries? Then don't fly any new aircraft including the A350. You might have to swim everywhere within a few years.

  • Air NZ have the option to convert some of these to 787-9's. They would be the one's to do NYC, not the 787-10.

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