• You really want REX to be a sucess to keep Qantas on their game with service and more particularly prices. I'm flying them soon and wish them well. History is not however, on their side, with Qantas proving to be a fierce competitor.

  • When the two biggest carriers in Australia and Japan want to cooperate to effectively dominate the market, this is guaranteed to be good for them; but not likely to be of much benefit to consumers.

  • Oh how the mighty have fallen. My favorite plane to fly in, is being retied too soon.

  • Its a sad fact that the wold has changed dramatically this past year on many levels. Covid and politics have been intertwined and regretfully some airlines have experienced significant  collateral damage.

  • I know I will get criticism for my post here.... I flew Cathay and was in Hong Kong in late Feb 2020. I knew then that it would likely be my last visit. With China exercising control outside the 1997 Sino-British joint declaration (stripping away freedom) and with all the anti Australian PRC rhet...

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  • Recommendations for Singapore hotels

    Jul 03, 2019, 04:37 PM

    I too have stayed at the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore by Shangri-La. Great roof top pool overlooking Orchard Rd, a 1st rate breakfast and a fabulous food court right next door.

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