• I will not be willingly and knowingly flying in a Max if at all possible. It is an inherently unstable plane that needs software to keep it flying. Sorry I too love the 747, 787 and the 737-800 series Boeing planes. But they pushed this 1960's design well past optimal in order to compete against ...

  • Just goes to prove that for every government tax there is a smarter accountant! Good on them for avoiding the trade and tariff war.

  • Australia has not traditionally supported three viable mid market competitive airlines. Consumers will certainly have a choice and likely ticket prices will be competitive. I wish them well but they have a tough road ahead.

  • We all know Qantas are in a world of pain.... but this offer is almost worthless. With some borders closed and international flying basically off the table Qantas would have been better sating no status change for the moment.

  • I care about the quality of the food, not the fancy name who has designed it. Virgin V2 needs to watch its coin!

  • Recommendations for Singapore hotels

    Jul 03, 2019, 04:37 PM

    I too have stayed at the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore by Shangri-La. Great roof top pool overlooking Orchard Rd, a 1st rate breakfast and a fabulous food court right next door.