• Nice idea but the most common US domestic plane is a 737 (a 1960's design) and its fuselage is smaller than an A320 and thus seat width is governed by the available space inside the airframe. Cannot see this getting much traction. I can see there being a zone with fewer seats across for those who...

  • Wow - a must un-Hilton hotel and certainly a vast step up from the one opposite the Fiztroy Gardens.

  • Stayed there in Jan 22. Simply a fabulous experience. A gem with great service, rooms, food and views. Pure class.

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    Jun 24, 2022, 12:09 PM

    Stayed there with my family. At 1 am someone was trying to batter the door open. With my family crying and security witnessing some lunatic threaten to kill me and my family..... Aria did nothing! Our door was broken and remained so until we departed. I'm certain others can speak well of this est...

  • I recently waited 5 hours and 35 minutes on hold for Qantas. I do not want a hollow apology, I (like many others) just want the issue fixed.

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  • Recommendations for Singapore hotels

    Jul 03, 2019, 04:37 PM

    I too have stayed at the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore by Shangri-La. Great roof top pool overlooking Orchard Rd, a 1st rate breakfast and a fabulous food court right next door.

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