• This makes no difference to when it is open as its always full of Economy class people who try to queue jump that staff fail to send to the other side. The only value for business class is the seat and the lounge in some airports but not Sydney the QF business lounge is rubbish.

  • Never seen the shinkanzen tracks have you sgb? This was taken at a works depot so does not have traffic. The real tracks have one train every 8 minutes on the Osaka Tokyo line and those tracks are in top condition but I assume by your tone that you are wanting to find fault with their system.

  • I have spent my hours on the Shinkansen and it is a wonderful system. But the system only works if you have at least 1 million people at each stop on the line. And this is required on the line not at the end points. You can find heaps of information from the Japanese on the costings and service r...

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