• As a non CL member, I think the decision is outrageous and preposterous! How dare they?! They have such gall limiting the free gift of CL to when using their service. Before long it will be just like the regular cattle class lounge. I suspect QF must have a newer, better, more secretive and exclu...

  • Qantas drops inflight duty-free

    Dec 06, 2017, 03:48 PM

    +1Visiting Melbourne T2 often makes me think the taxi accidentally took me to Chadstone rather than the airport.The post customs shops feels more like a rat maze than an airport. I wonder whether tulla will ever give up on flights and focus on their core competencies - a paid parking lot and shop...

  • Qantas drops inflight duty-free

    Dec 06, 2017, 03:44 PM

    I'm glad it will cut down on extra annoying announcements. I don't know how it ever paid for itself based on the handling and associated fuel costs.

  • A windowless QF club lounge? It will be hole - the economy class of lounges. It will be a tough sell when my membership comes up for renewal.

  • Why the heck would they not want to check your bags all the way? It's only going to cost them more money in extra baggage handling; delayed and grumpy passengers. Hauling all your bags between terminals in LAX at night is such a safe and enjoyable experience - NOT! It was the only time I missed ...

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