• How about getting better planes on the Perth Singapore route! Otherwise we all start using the Cathay A350 to connect up to China etc, have A330 rattlers on this leg is just crazy especially if you just wasted your points to go up the front!

  • Virgin to launch new business class

    Jul 06, 2017, 03:57 PM

    If we want to fly into Asia we have too many other options that are better & cheaper in Business Class-Premium & Economy, so why would we want to jump on the A330s of Virgin? Cheap options Scoot and others, Top Class options, Singapore and Cathay!!!??? No need for Virgin and a bad busines...

  • Looks like long haul flights in business class will still be bigger better cheaper on Emirates & Singapore. The off set seating on the windows is a nightmare as is the foot wells where people spend all night kicking the bottom of the poor bugger in front! Once again Alan has missed the boat h...

  • Virgin to launch new business class

    Jul 06, 2017, 03:43 PM

    What an absolute stupid idea! Why would Virgin spend years getting ahead of Qantas in Business class only to throw the lead away with utter garbage which is the 737-anything! Seriously this is not a good business strategy and all that will happen is that people will take their business travel bac...

  • Just Flew on the new Business Class Seats! What a shame! The old Singapore Airline Version was way, way better! The new version limits your leg spread room and no body likes flying side saddle for 5 hours... Its a real pitty that they missed the boat on these new seats..

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