• Ditto for the Mel-Per leg. Always good service and comfort, and they never bumped their aircraft down to a 737 after I made the booking for an A330 flight, which happened to me twice on QF.

  • While it is very nice to read that EK are extending their COVID cover in this way, what they really need to do is massively extend the expiry date of the Skywards miles owned by their customers. Back in May they 'generously' extended the expiry date of all miles to December this year, but with mo...

  • Yes Selwyn, but the earn/redeem rates are rubbish. It's not for no reason that Air Dollars is consistently rated the crappiest FF program in the world....and I'm an ex-kiwi so I'd support it if it was any good.

  • I never fly twin engined aircraft over long expanses of water, if at all possible. I like the extra "insurance".

  • Yes, but it's the French officials you get to first who cause most of the bottleneck there before you get through to the British ones. If we're now going to get the same access as Euro/UK travellers we can just slide off to the left and avoid those guys completely.

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  • Originally Posted by AnthonySyudney The reason why you can not find any Emirates seats is the as of April 2019 Emirates no longer have flights out of Sydney Not sure how you came to that conclusion but there are 3 EK flights per day out of Sydney, reducing to 2 when the BKK service is killed off

  • Luggage - Hard vs Soft Case

    May 11, 2018, 03:08 PM

    I use a carry-on Samsonite hard-shell, and a larger hard-shell checked-in Samsonite for business travel. If going on holiday the wife and I will also take a large soft-sided case for clothes and unbreakables, and keep the checked-in Samsonite for fragile items. Have previously used American Touri...

  • Minimum stay away on sale fares

    Nov 24, 2017, 02:51 PM

    It's also done to stop business travellers using it when they only go away for a day or two.

  • Reward Flights from Europe July 2018

    Nov 22, 2017, 02:54 PM

    EKs reward seats aren't usually available this far out, but if you set up an EF alert there's a very good chance of picking some up over the next 2-3 months. Has worked for me every time in recent years (generally flying into CDG and out of LHR or LGW)

  • Sydney-Brunei Options

    Nov 17, 2017, 04:15 PM

    I have a friend who uses RB for his flights to London, and he loves them for the cost in J, but he's a teetotaler. As per the previous post, they were taxiing out to the runway only to see a bunch of cars race up beside the plane and force it to stop. Out of one of the cars jumped a Prince and hi...

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