• Bugger - will be in transit on 28/29 April. Well at least that is the plan at the moment. Will wait to see what BA does.

  • When I do get the opportunity to visit the first lounge, I enjoy being able to plan my visit around the food and wine offerings.Thanks David

  • Thoroughly enjoyable read.Agree about the service in the Wing in HKG - it's a bit hit and miss. I still enjoy the first lounge in SYD - the challenge is to try for an afternoon/evening flight. All except one have been in the morning. Such first world problems! LOL!Disappointing that some of the l...

  • While the increased allowance is good for some, it's the way some passengers put their bag in the overhead that has annoyed me. Put it in the first available space, even if it is no where near your seat. Get it in and take up as much space as possible.

  • I've often thought that this would be a great idea - especially for those that regularly use the same lounge. Hopefully someone at Qantas is paying attention.

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  • I also received this email but unfortunately can't take advantage of it. My one trip that falls into the specified time frame is SYD-OOL return and has already been booked.   GRRrr!  

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