• Had this happen quite a few times, it's like winning the lottery. I've been told they do this to speed up the waiting time when they are not meeting their KPI's.

  • Want good service from FA's on a US airline? It's easy - be polite to them! American's are unbelievably rude to service staff and I have always found that if I use my manners (like I always do) by saying please and thank you for everything they treat you very well!

  • You must be on different planes to what I fly on, because I find the food in domestic J to be excellent, especially compared to QF. I still have dreams about the seafood mornay pie I once had flying to HTI!

  • I find VA lounges better by far, and I've used both extensively. I also find the cabin crew on VA flights are loads friendly and more attentive than those in QF. It does help that quite a few VA cabin crew now recognise me (and vice versa) because I see them so often.

  • I'm certain I read somewhere in recent months that VA's wifi is done through a deal with Optus. If so, it's a good thing Optus are not putting their name to it because it definitely is terrible no matter which lounge you use.

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