• I'm a former VA Gold member who has been living in Norway for about a year. Norwegian Air Shuttle, Europe's 3rd largest LCC, has quite a simple and effective reward program with it's own "tier" structure. After every 6 flights, you choose what the next benefit will be from:   2% CasPoint...

  • Also good to know - there are no specific restrictions on earning points on payments to the ATO on this card. (I recently made a payment using this card and received all the points I should have).

  • Do you earn points on iTunes purchases only when you pay for a single item by credit card or can you earn points when using "credit" that you previously purchased from say, while discounted at the supermarket? Does the same apply with the App Store?

  • From which city in Australia will they operating from?

  • It's a shame they don't do a silver-for-silver status match!

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