• Nobody should be congratulating Qantas for this commonsense move. The idiots should never have brought the limit down to 7kg in the first place.

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  • Hi,I am coming to the end of my status credits year, the end of Jan 2019. I have reached gold. I am currently in the UK. My return business class flights are on Jan 10th. My question: if I do not register my QFF number against these flights in Jan, then manually claim them retrospectively in Feb ...

  • I will be flying LHR-SYD 1st class.

    Jan 30, 2013, 12:57 PM

    I will be flying LHR-SYD 1st class. I can arrive at LHR T5 at either 16:40 or at 19:45. My flight to SYD departs at 21:30. The question is do I take the later arrival at T5 and rush through to my flight, or is it worth arriving early to sample the 1st class lounges at T3?

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