• Sep 15, 2016, 10:57 AM

    works in 2016 also:  

  • boy is it good to get into a louge when you don't have status though for a while!

  • em... it's a lie... ask them to release their stats... it's not a problem other than the money they are losing by not selling business seats. They NEED premium economy to go away, so they are TRYING to start a trend. Unfortunately the management at Qantas think people are stupid. It's baked in ...

  • Please, some history... Qantas are perpetual liars when it comes to motive. It's part of the employment requirements for being in mangement there - showing you can tell a convincing lie. They prove this over and over and over. They want to make more money, simple. They make up an excuse you can'...

  • so all I need to do now is find out the background color, screenshot, and quickly modify the background for priority boarding! woot!

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