• I have a dog, and love to travel with my dog (all my dogs have flown many times). But I don't see a need to put them in the cabin, only a need to reverse the absolutely asinine rules they put in place during the pandemic for pets travelling in a hold. Both majors have mandated booking even d...

  • It's even more compelling an offer when you add in family pooling. Can get one adult to platinum or two to gold (by switching the beneficiary family member) quite easily. I just hope they've done their sums right and this works for them financially with reasonable load factors.

  • I love my dogs and have flown them in the hold dozens of times but...yeah...no thanks. A much simpler solution would be to allow us to check their crates in as excess baggage at the terminal itself, rather than have to go through middleman freight companies that charge a 300% markup just to ...

  • Not sure why anyone would downvote you - this is marketing 101 on brand image, and absolutely 100% the reason that QF promoted things to mainstream media that would never come to pass. Cost of a few mockup pics: $1000, perception from average Joe flyer: priceless.

  • No changes to points expiry conditions in this change? As someone who likes to have enough points for premium cabins long-haul, but doesn't earn a huge amount per annum, this extra point cost + points expiry leans me away from SQ/VA. 

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