• Gees I must be on a different planet, just landed in LA with VA1. VA staff from check in to landing 11 out of 10, the product makes the others look ordinary. Lounges I never had a problem, if your up to speed with avaition alliance are on the way out. I’ve stopped trying to work out the O...

  • I agree but VA now ticks so many boxes, and we live in the present not the past and if I had my way I'd be on a Pan Am flight rather then pointing out were there office was.

  • I had a CEO of large Australian company ring me this morning, one of the topics we spoke about was how irate he was with Qantas, "They aren't acting like a market leader there acting like a third grade side making changes to there business models without any insight to the consumer demands". And...

  • Don't worry there is a lot of jaded Sydney Qantas travellers as well.  

  • Virgin Australia board gets CEO-heavy

    Jul 07, 2014, 03:17 PM

    I wonder what the ACCC think?

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