• Only yhe more elite will fly.NO covid passes, NO rushed toxic vaccines. Back to the old normal or better than the old normal as government listening to medical botched covid

  • Should have built a better train network. If a person could get on train at 10 pm in Sydney and get off at 7 am, and get a shower and hire car. i would ditch going by plane. I would want to have not sleepers like we have now but the sleeping cars they have in Sweden, china and many other places n...

  • Glad to see Virgin up again. I have 1,000,000 FF points.

  • NO COVI PASS.Covid has been over hyped , with even the CDC admitting it has a bout 1/4 of the death rate of the flu. Plus for those who are positive but asymptomatic only have 0-2.2% chance of spreading it ( medically next to none). We has 102 deaths, Taiwan 6 and so many other nations have botch...

  • I will be happy when amex open a LAX lounge, i would love to know a frim date.

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