• Sadly I rekcon that Qantas won't be able to resist the temptation to squeeeseee all the PE seats as close as they can,and ruin the current 380 & 747 experience for PE, after all its all about the $$$$$$$$$$ :(

  • Mercure Newcastle Airport hotel opens

    Sep 02, 2015, 02:28 PM

    Its a big assett for a Regional Airport, Defently showing up a few larger Airports around the country!, and how far Newcastle Airport has come in the last few years, including the new terminal.  

  • If you use Newcastle as an example of where Qantas see's itself, 1.2M PAX per year in/out of  NTL 70% JQ ,  29%  VA  1% Qantaslink  0% QF if you want to fly via NTL, you will probably end up on a  FULL JQ flight.  I know this is currenty NOT an international a...

  • Will be Interesting to see if NTL gets anything like this, ( as it has none at the moment) with a major expansion due to begin this year, that will incude facilities for Internations flights. As its is mainly a Jetstar & Virgin port , maybe a Virgin version?? Can't see Jetstar doing anything...

  • Qantas opens Tamworth Airport lounge

    Jul 25, 2013, 09:11 PM

    Looks Good!, but is that a dishwasher I can see?? so do u have to wash up after you use the facilities?? . ;) lets just hope Newcastle gets at least somthing similar ( Jetstar &or VA Lounge)  when the Airport is expanded.

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  • Trevor, the simple answer is "contractor" , Virgin & Jetstar ( and alot of other international airlaines) both use a vast array of contractors to supply a vast range of services and including personel . This changes the game when you ( the company) outsource , I can only imagine this is funda...

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