• So what? You don’t need quarantine when COVID is running rampant at both ends of a route. Netherlands with 10,000+ daily new cases, Italy with 15,000+ and the USA with 180,000+, the horse has bolted. Quarantine free travel is just another white flag being waved by these countries now 

  • Hey captain you’re correct that other international airlines will be thinking about flying in/out of Australia, but the thing they won’t be able to do is actually fly passengers that haven’t been vaccinated into Australia. The whole point of closing the border was to prevent a f...

  • I’m not being hysterical, I’m being practical. You don’t leave the fox in charge of the henhouse

  • Home quarantine will be an absolute disaster. Another wave would be inevitable when family members who live with recently returned travellers catch it and then spread it further as they go about their daily lives. The counter argument is that people should have the choice of a hotel or home and c...

  • The voice of reason again patrickk. Your posts are always on the mark

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